Get lucky and upgrade your differential 30% OFF until St. Patrick's day!🍀

February 28, 2023

RacingDiffs St. Patrick's day

The leprechauns made us do it!
30% OFF the hottest Limited slip diff parts🍀

What's on discount?

- Limited slip diff conversion sets

For guys who don't have LSD already and hate open diff poor performance. This product is ideal when budget is important decision-making factor. Our progressive LSD conversion set is installed in the space between spider gears, where the friction of materials achieves a restriction in the performance of each of the drive wheels. Since it uses factory carrier unit with gears, this design achieves low production cost and therefore great sale price.

- oem LSD upgrade packs and clutch plates

Our specialty and core business - production of high performance oil friction discs. Our area of expertise where we are the best. So if your current friction plates are worn out, you are on right place.

- BMW differential billet covers

Our engineers spent months to develop the best possible inner design to speed up the oil flow and thus improve differential cooling. Each design is thoroughly tested, and not only as 3D model, but in real conditions on the car. We managed to lower the oil temperature by 15% (average).

So, wait no more! Order before St. Patrick's day and leprechaun will bring it to you 30% OFF🍀