BMW E46 M3 LSD unit (rebuilt)


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Type: BMW



Fully rebuilt M Variable GKN BMW E46 M3 Limited Slip Differential carrier (spool) (Sperrdifferential)

Clutch stack is replaced with RacingDiffs Molybdenum-ceramic clutch pack, . It comes with Free play delete shim installed, so you won't be troubled with clunking sounds from the diff which you most likely have at the moment. 99% of E46 M3 differential has a factory problem with the free play, which is well known as the 'M clunk'.

With our NEW  clutch pack installed, this unit will give you more performance, so you can enjoy optimum lock for daily and track use. 

  • More friction coefficient
  • More grip
  • Increased diff lock
  • Better durability
  • Less wear


Recommendation: We highly recommend professional installation. Use oil for limited slip differentials only.