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Collections: Progressive LSD conversion sets

Type: Ford


Fits in Ford Sierra Non LSD differential (Both Lobro and push-in shafts).  It is ideal for kit cars (Super 7 chassies, MK Indy, Westfield, Striker, Locost). 

Forget about the one-wheel spin! With our Progressive LSD Conversion set, you will no longer suffer from losing grip!

The set is mounted on your standard differential, transforming it into a clutch-type 25% lock limited slip differential. 

This NEW Easy mount version doesn't require any modifications to be fitted. It is Plug & Play. 

The set contains all parts necessary for installation. 

No more one-wheel spin on start, and sloppy turns around the corner. With this conversion set, you will gain the true performance of a proper limited slip differential.


*Due to continued product improvement, the product illustrated on the photo may vary slightly from the actual product.