Subaru Impreza WRX STI - R180 diff



Subaru WRX STI OEM Clutch type LSD repair kit - R180 differential


This kit includes:

- 4x Grooved inner plate

- 6x Friction outer plate

- 2x Belleville washer


With this kit, you won't just restore the LSD performance, you will upgrade it too. Our clutch plates are the Molybdenum-Ceramics coated, which is far superior to any factory metal plates. There is no possibility of metal shavings as with the metal plates.

Highly recommended for everybody who visits track regularly!

Fits all OEM Clutch type R180 Limited slip differentials!

RacingDiffs Recommends Motul Gear Competition 75w140 oil for all products.

Type: LSD clutch plate set

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