1.5-Way VS 2.0-Way LSD | Pros and Cons, which is better?

February 10, 2021

1.5-Way VS 2.0-Way LSD | Pros and Cons, which is better?

We are solving the debate which option is better, 1.5 or 2 way LSD. To conclude this topic, we will point out to pros and cons of both options.

1.5 - Way: The LSD is effective when load is applied to the differential (applied throttle load), and is half-effective when load is not applied (OFF Throttle). This provides low resistance from differential through corners when you are maintaining speed and you don’t need strong lock in differential.

2 - Way: The LSD is effective both ways when there is load or no load applied to the differential.

A 2 Way LSD will be active during both acceleration and deceleration which enables to maintain the same slip rate during cornering.  This gives stability when braking into a turn and cures the braking oversteer characteristic.

So knowing this, we can say that 1.5-Way is more desirable option for beating up the stopwatch on the track. It would be also better choice for street usage as well. On the other hand, 2-Way LSD would provide more performance for drifting and rally where you need the car to be predictable as much as possible. Especially when maintaining sideway-motion, switchbacks, and shifting during drifting.

This is the general info. If you need an advice on how to setup the LSD for your specific application, feel free to drop us an email.