All solutions LSD unit


 This is the Highest-Performing Limited Slip Differential on the market!

We call it ALL SOLUTIONS LSD because it suits ALL racing disciplines - Drift, Rally, Hill Climb, Circuit, Time Attack. It is great for street use too.
Everything is fully adjustable: the number of active clutches, the initial pre-load and ramp angles.

The lock can be easily adjusted from 25% to 100%, both on 1.5 and 2 way.
The easiest way to adjust the lock is to change the number of ACTIVE clutches inside the unit. 

For example, a unit comes pre-set to a maximum number of active clutches, with the default set-up: - clutch - disc - clutch - disc ...etc.
If you change the clutch order to - clutch - clutch - disc - disc ...etc. you will decrease the number of ACTIVE clutches by 50%, and, therefore, the lock percentage as well.

There are endless variations and combinations to set your unit very precisely to best suit your needs.
Please note that you don't need to honour symmetry on the left and right sides as all clutchesspin together due to a connection between spider gears.
You can also change the ramp angle set-up, simply by rotating cross-pins to another position. This unlocks you even more tuning possibilities!
A unit contains:
- a 4 or 6 moly-ceramics clutch pack, depending on the diff size
- 2 spring shims
multi-variant pressure plates with 3 different ramp options - 50°/65°, 30°/30°, 30°/60°
- billet steel housing, heat-treated for high durability. 
RacingDiffs differential has proven itself in a large number of pro-series drift cars and the top tier rally/circuit cars with great success.
RacingDiffs parts are carefully designed to withstand all extreme conditions, and have been tested and used over the years,with outstanding feedback.

We provide LIFETIME Warranty on our clutch plates - no need to worry about maintenance!

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