1. What is the standard break-in procedure?
You should make a couple of the figure ’8’ shapes and roughly 100 km of regular driving.

2. What is the average lifetime of LSD conversion set friction plates?
The lifetime of conversion set friction plates is approximately 50,000 km.

3. Is the LSD conversion set on a ’plug&play’ basis or is some machining necessary?
Most of conversion sets are plug&play, however some of them requires machining of output flanges (like BMW).
Please note that all post-2008 BMW models . have a welded crown gear to carrier unit, which needs to be removed for installation.

4. Can I buy free the play shim (E46 M3) separately from the service pack?
We do not sell it separately as, without the clutch pack, it is not the complete solution to the problem.

5. What is the power limit that LSD conversion set can handle?
Conversion sets are tested up to 500 hp and 600 Nm.

6. I noticed a small particle on one spline. What should I do about it?
It is unavoidable to see a small particle on the teeth due to laser cutting. But it will easily come off when you push it against the gear.

7. My clutches don't go smoothly on to the gear. Is that normal?
We tend to keep the smallest possible tolerances between spider gear and clutch splines in order to avoid any free play in differential. Therefore, they may seem tighter than the original, but that is much better than to be loose. Free play is not good in a differential and might result in ’’clunking’’ sound.

8. I bought the Multi-Variant Ramp set. Which angles should I choose and what set-up can I expect?
30°/30° - Aggressive lock both on throttle and engine braking. Recommended for drift use and gravel rally.
30°/60° - Aggressive lock on throttle, but soft on engine breaking. Recommended for circuit racing and hill climbing.A good option for grip driving.
50°/65° - Excellent choice for grip driving, especially for less experienced drivers. The most forgiving option if you don’t want to lose your grip. Requires at least a 4-clutch set.

9. Is the LSD conversion set suitable for race usage?
Conversion set is the product engineered for street driving and occasional track usage.

10. How is our Limited Slip Disc conversion kit different to the Torsen (helical) LSD?
They work differently - a clutch type LSD - our product is better adapted to everyday street driving.
Since we are using existing carrier unit,we manage to obtain much better price compared to other after-market LSD solutions.

11. How much do you charge for the installation? Can I send my unit to you for the installation?
We do not undertake any installation work, but we can recommend our network of designated distributors.

12. I have a welded ring gear, how should I install the LSD conversion set?
Follow the required process (check the video):
- take the unit to the machine shop to cut it where it is welded. A 3 mm deep cut is enough.
- heat it at 150°C
- remove it using a hydro press
- install the set according to the installation manual
- put it back in reverse order of operations
- weld it again.

13. Which oil do you recommend?
Our recommendation is Motul Gear Competition 75W140.

14. What is the main difference between your Progressive LSD conversion set and other known products such as Phantom grip?
1. Other products rely only on pre-load locking the differential by using high rated springs. The Specific Ramp angle design of our conversion set allows for low pre-load, while still retaining a progressive lock capability; basically, the vehicle will feel like driving on an open diff in slow turns / street driving, but it transmits torque to both drive wheels under load (higher revs).
2. Material wrapping as a side effect of similar products is a major concern. To address this, we put friction shims between gears and plates. The same material our LSD clutch plates are made of is used. This provides superior resistance and longevity. Friction plates are replaceable.
3. Material that we use in production is the high-grade tool steel. All components are chemically heat treated for maximum durability.

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