Wondering who makes use of our parts?

Check out RD Hall of Fame!

Ales Pogacar drift
Drift champion from Slovenia. Putting down some hard abuse on our Stage 4clutch pack for 188 mm LSD. His E30 drift missile is powered with S62B50 engine from E39 M5!
AMC Diffs drift
Our Partners from Spain (AMCDiffs) keep rocking in their 2JZ powered E30.
As the car is making 800whp they are running E39 M5 rear sub with Stage 3 clutch pack for 210 mm LSD!
FAT CAT Audi r8 1:1 drift
Audi R8 1:1 (Fat Cat) is something you don't get to see every day! 1350kg/1350HP is vice champion of World Time Attack Challenge 2019!  
 Utilizing our Audi R8 LSD performance clutch pack and Multi variation ramp set! Besides that, differential carrier is stock.
Bisimoto Honda Civic Wagon drift
Bisimoto's Honda Civic Wagon is well know among Honda tuners! Represented in Jay Leno's Garage, this car collected fans all over the world. K20 724WHP engine and CR-V AWD drivetrain upgraded with our Performance clutch pack make this car a true beast!
Boris Skoblov drift
Boris Skoblovis famous of his Monster E30 -The fastest stock suspension drag car in the world! His best time is 8.14 sec!!!Currently running 210mm BMW LSDwith our Stage 3 Upgrade pack.
Dario Foler drift
Croatian drift champion  in his V8 turbo powered E30 is promoter of our parts since we started business! One among first diffsexited our workshop ever! Still runs flawlessly!
Essa Autosport drift
Famous formula Drift builder and competitor  doesn't really need introduction! We supplied E46 M3 Performance clutch pack!
Nicolas Gonzalez drift
Nicolas Gonzalez  entered the Guinness Wold Records as the fastest E90 328i N/A getting help on launch from our Progressive LSD conversion set! 
Nick is now our promoter for USA!
Franken Bimmer drift
Drag race champion from USA  utilizing our Stage 4 Clutch pack for 188 mm LSD. And guess what! He didn't manage to break anything although he is pushing below 10sec on 1/4 mile!  
marko pailijan drift
Croatian representative in Gymkhana World Championship  will attend to climb the throne with specially set LSD with our Stage 3 clutch pack for 188 mm LSD.
Michael Steixner drift
Drift Champion from Austria and member of Drift Hunters team  always pleases crowd with tons of smoke thanks to our Stage 3 upgrade clutch pack for his 210 mm LSD. Engine is from E39 M5 with 1 small addition - TURBO!
Milos Djordjevic Zeka drift
Serbian Drift King  will attend to conquer European Drift Kings Championship in his AMG 6.3L powered E46 M3! Differential is BMW oem Upgraded with our Performance clutch pack!
Miroslav Mrgud Zrncevic drift
Test driver from Rimac Automobili  really enjoys off road fun with his E30!
Stage 3 Performance upgrade keeps his small case 168 mm LSD alive in spite of all abuse he is putting down to it!
Nick Solomon drift
Oman drift champion  brings attention to middle east with his awesome high speed drifts! He's using our Stage 4 clutch pack in his 188 mm diff for long time. 
QBM Motorsport drift
Famous drift team from Germany uses our All Solution LSD unit in their G-Powered E46 M3! We support them in their fight for title of European Drift Kings!
Simone Pagani drift
Italian Drift King  Coming strong with tons of HP attacking Drift Kings Europe Champions title! All solution LSD unit is in charge to put power to the ground!
Uros Berdajs drift
Adria Drift Champion  was one of the strongest opponents of LS differential!
He was driving welded diff for more than 10 years. Not only we changed his mind with our All solution LSD unit, we also became close friends! Make sure you check him on social media!

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