Worldwide shipping.

There are two shipping options, depending on the destination country:

1. DHL Express - for majority of countries, we use DHL Express shipping service.
Packages are delivered by the courier. From the moment the package is shipped,the estimated delivery times are: 2-3 days for Europe, 3-5 days for North America and 3-7 days for the Rest of the World.
If orders are subject to import duties, this can take a day or two longer.
Your local DHL branch may charge you for passing-through-customs service - please check with your local DHL office before ordering!
In order to keep shipping fees reasonable, we ship in bulk, so we ship only twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday. 
Your tracking number isprovided and the shipment progress is updated daily.
DHL is not delivering to P.O. Boxes.
DHL cannot ship to the Russian Federation.
2. Standard International Shipping- for shipping to the Russian Federation, Israel and Romania. 
Packages are sent via the Serbian Post Office and delivered via the national postal service at the destination.
From the moment the package is shipped, the estimated delivery times are: 7-10 days for Europe, 7-10 days for the Russian Federation, 7-14 days for North America, 7-21 days for the Rest of the World.
Delivery times can take up to 30 days, due to custom clearance in the destination country. .
Orders sent using the Standard International Shipping are dispatched within three days upon payment.
Your tracking number is provided and shipment can be tracked via the destination country's postal service. 



All prices shown on our website are export prices – excluding the Serbian VAT. The Serbian VAT does not apply to items shipped out of Serbia. 



All deliveries include the original invoice, detailing the value of goods and shipping costs If you want to discuss different invoicing options , please contact us before ordering.



RacingDiffs is based in Serbia, Europe. Serbia is not a member state of the European Union.
Depending on the destination country, some orders can be subject to import duty taxes. Usually there is a certain value limit. If the product price + shipping costs are bellow that limit, there will be no import taxes; if product price + shipping costs is above that limit, import taxes may apply. These taxes are paid to the destination country’s Customs Department and not related to RacingDiffs.
Please check this before orderingwith the destination country’s Customs Department or with a local DHL office. 
USA - For goods originating from Serbia, there are no import taxes for the USA.


You can track your shipment:
Shipments sent using DHL Express service.
Once order is dispatched, an automated e-mail with a tracking number will be sent to the e-mail address provided. 
Shipment can be tracked d using the DHL Express web tool. Please allow time for the status of your shipment to be updadted. .
Shipments sent using Standard International Shipping service.
Once order is dispatched, an automated e-mail with a tracking number will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
Shipment can be tracked using the Serbian Post Office web tool. Once "Izmenična pošta" is displayed , the shipment has left Serbia.
Please allow time for the status of the shipment to be updated.