About RacingDiffs

About RacingDiffs

Welcome to RacingDiffs.com - your one-stop destination for performance drivetrain parts and expertise. Our passion for performance driving fuels our commitment to delivering top-quality, affordable products to the racing community worldwide.

Established by a team of dedicated specialists, RacingDiffs was born out of the desire to address the racing needs of both our own and fellow enthusiasts. As drivers ourselves, we understand the importance of precision engineering and strive to provide the best solutions for your BMW LSD conversions and rebuilds.

Our expertise in friction materials and coatings has allowed us to perfect the production of not only BMW LSD parts, but wide range of other Limited slip differentials, such as Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. We became famous for out BMW E46/E90 LSD conversion kit, BMW LSD diff rebuilds, and more. We take pride in our dedication to continuous improvement and technological advancements.

At RacingDiffs, our philosophy is rooted in the following principles:

Engineered by drivers for drivers: We develop, test, and refine all our products ourselves while seeking customer feedback to ensure we meet and exceed expectations.

High-precision production: We invest in the latest CNC machines and tools to guarantee accurate and consistent results.

Top quality materials: We use only certified, chemically heat-treated materials for maximum durability and performance.

Teamwork: Our success is built on a foundation of collaboration and mutual respect, where each team member's contribution is valued and celebrated.

Whether you're in need of a BMW LSD kit, a BMW E30 LSD rebuild kit, or BMW 188 LSD parts such as BMW E30 LSD clutch plates and BMW LSD plates, RacingDiffs has you covered. Our vision is to become an integral part of the worldwide tuning community by offering high-quality products that will serve drivers flawlessly for years to come.

Join us on our mission to make performance drivetrain parts accessible to all and experience the superior performance that RacingDiffs has to offer.