Welded diff VS LSD

Welcome to our thrilling mini-series, "Welded Diff vs LSD". Over the course of five action-packed episodes, we put the Welded Differential and the Limited Slip Differential to the test in the venerable BMW E46 330d, E36 Drift car and E36 Rally car.
Each episode in this series is set in a different context - we explore how these two differential types perform in everyday driving conditions, push them to their limits on track day, slide into the exciting world of drifting, and finally, navigate the precise and rapid-fire environment of autocross.
Our aim is to provide car enthusiasts, mechanics, and the curious alike with an in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of differentials, using real-world, hands-on tests. We'll wrap it all up with a conclusive episode to tie together our insights and findings. Join us on this high-octane journey as we dig into the guts of these mechanical marvels. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won't miss a moment of this automotive adventure!