How long does RacingDiffs LSD conversion set last?

November 07, 2022 3 min read

How long RacingDiffs LSD conversion set lasts

The most frequent question regarding LSD conversion kit by RacingDiffs is without any question - How long does LSD conversion kit last?

Before we get into the topic more deeply, just briefly to explain what LSD conversion set is, in case there are readers who are not familiar with it.

In the simple language, LSD conversion set is a small plate-like sandwich with springs which is installed in the space between spider gears (side gears). It converts open differential into Limited slip differential.

This is not the concept we invented. You must have heard of Phantom Grip. They first started with LSD conversion sets in early 90s. Unfortunately, their attempt to make useful product ended badly as it was made from very poor (cheap) materials. Sadly, this has a huge impact on us as people connects our product with theirs. But if you keep reading this text, you will see why we don't have anything to do with them.


Progressive LSD conversion set review


As we said, Phantom Grip focused on creating cheap LSD, which lead them in the wrong way. The main problem was in poor material of metal plates which started to leave metal shavings (chips) after only few hundreds of miles. Eventually many differentials/transmissions ended up totally destroyed. Also, they used universal dimensions for may different differentials, so people had to modify their diffs heavily to install the set. This lead to even bigger disappointment when it breaks.

Therefore we focused to take this 'plate sandwich' concept to the highest possible level. This led us to 2 key points which defers our Progressive LSD conversion set from Phantom Grip:

1. Solve the material wrapping. We decided to make NO compromise on the material quality. So our plates are made from the highest quality tool steel, heat treated and nitrated to achieve the highest wear resistance. But that wasn't enough. We added Friction plates between plates and spider gears which are made from the same material as our LSD clutch plates. So we successfully stopped metal shavings.

2. Increase the performance to the maximal level.How we did that? The answer is in the name Progressive LSD conversion set. The main goal was to achieve the progressiveness. We applied the design from ZF plated LSD units with Ramp Angles. The specific Ramp angle design allows for low pre-load, while still retaining a progressive lock capability; essentially, although the vehicle will feel like driving with an open diff in slow turns/street driving, it will transmit torque to both drive wheels under load (higher revs). This Video shows how it works. So besides high load springs, RacingDiffs LSD conversion set relies on Dynamic lock from ramp angles.

With these improvements, we can say that RacingDiffs LSD conversion set is the most advanced LSD kit on the market. To prove that, we decided show you guys how does the first ever installed LSD conversion set looks like after 200.000 miles and no oil change. Check the video in the text.

At the end, hopefully we answered to your question. LSD conversion kit can last up to 200k miles if it is installed according to the our instructions and if you use quality LSD oil such as Motul. The big advantage over other similar products is that it is fully serviceable. When it starts slipping, you can simply replace friction plates, not the whole kit.

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