Gear Up for the Track with Our Exclusive May Discounts!

May 01, 2024 2 min read

May day special at RacingDiffs includes up to 50% off LSD performance parts and bits including LSD conversion kit, LSD unit for 330d and 335i

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Ride with Our May Day Specials at RacingDiffs!

As spring breathes new life into our routines, it's the perfect time to give your vehicle a boost with RacingDiffs’ exclusive May Day deals. Whether you're tuning up for the track or refining your ride's everyday performance, our top-quality products are now available at unbeatable prices.

LSD Conversion Sets – 25% Off
Transform your driving experience with our LSD Conversion Sets now at 25% off. These sets are engineered to improve your vehicle's traction and handling, ensuring you have the control you need, when you need it most.

LSD Clutch Plates – 15% Off
Upgrade your limited-slip differential with our premium LSD Clutch Plates now available for 15% less. Perfect for drivers looking to enhance their car's responsiveness and durability under high-performance conditions.

Billet Diff Covers – 200 EUR Off
Protect and stylize your differential with our robust Billet Diff Covers. Take advantage of a 200 EUR discount and enjoy both improved cooling and a standout look that complements your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Special Spotlight: BMW M3/M4 Owners
For the aficionados of speed and performance, specifically BMW M3 and M4 owners, now is an opportune moment to elevate your machine. Our May Day specials provide a fantastic chance to upgrade your differentials with our top-tier products. Prepare your beloved BMW for the racetrack and save significantly while you’re at it. These upgrades are not just investments in your vehicle’s performance, but in the sheer joy of driving it.

Don’t wait—these deals are ticking down as fast as your lap times on the track. Head over to our website and gear up for a season of unparalleled driving satisfaction. Your ultimate ride upgrade awaits!

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