Pushing the Boundaries: The True Power Capacity of the 188mm LSD Revealed

September 26, 2023 2 min read

BMW 188mm LSD power limit and weak points

In the dynamic world of racing, the question of performance and durability is paramount. At RacingDiffs, we’ve been inundated with queries about the power capacity of the 188mm LSD, especially from BMW enthusiasts with models like E30, E36, and E34. Determined to find out, we embarked on a rigorous testing journey.

The 188mm LSD has become a revered component amongst drift and race car aficionados. Known for its potential in enhancing performance and gear ratio availability, it's crucial to understand its true power limit, especially when planning an upgrade.

Our most advanced stage 4 upgrade pack was installed in an LSD unit. This upgraded unit was then fitted into a variety of drift cars, pushing the envelope on performance metrics.

Starting at a commendable 300 whp, we gradually cranked up the power. Remarkably, the LSD showcased its prowess even at a whopping 550 whp with 650Nm of torque, especially when paired with semi-slick tires. However, while the LSD clutch plates and the internals remained steadfast, the factory output flange gave way. This indicates that the true might of the 188mm LSD still remains uncharted.

While the 188mm LSD displayed exceptional durability, our tests revealed the factory output flange and axles as its Achilles' heel. For those looking to maximize performance in drift or race cars, recognizing these potential weak points is pivotal. The LSD's breakaway torque, a critical component in drifting, remained uncompromised, attesting to the quality of the RacingDiffs stage 4 upgrade pack.

Our journey to decipher the limits of the 188mm limited slip differential was enlightening. While we couldn’t pinpoint the exact power threshold of the LSD, its performance components showcased impressive resilience. However, it's clear that to harness the full potential of an LSD upgrade, addressing the weak points is crucial.

BMW 188mm ZF LSD from E30 and E36 upgrade packs by RacingDiffs

Ready to experience unmatched performance in your vehicle? Elevate your driving with our stage 4 upgrade pack. Engineered for those who refuse to compromise, this kit promises power, resilience, and an unparalleled drift or race experience. Don't just take our word for it; dive into the world of RacingDiffs and witness the transformation yourself. Watch the video to discover more about the Stage 4 kit or get in touch with our experts for a tailored recommendation.

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