Corvette C5 / C6 oem LSD Block disc kit


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Block discs For Corvette C5 and C6 are designed to permanently lock your oem Limited slip differential (LSD) to 100%. Ideal solution for Drift and Drag race.

If you prefer the feeling of a welded differential over LSD, or you would like to try it out, you install block disc set and you have it. It is very hard to weld an Corvette factory LSD due to its complicated design. Therefore this set will solve that problem and make sure it never breaks again. 

Block disc kit includes:

- 15x block disc

The set of Block disc provides 100% lock all the time.  When you install this kit you will have welded-like differential, but without risk of breaking. Ideal for drag and drift racing.

Corvette Block disc set is covered by RacingDiffs Unlimited Lifetime warranty.

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