Mitsubishi EVO (ACD) VII, VIII, IX & X - Block discs (100% Lock)


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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8, 9 & 10 


Block discs for ACD (Active central differential) provides 100% permanent lock. You can disengage all electronics as this will keep front and the rear differentials engaged all the time.

The ideal setup for all Drag applications with 1000+ HP. If you drive your car daily and occasionally on 1/4 Mile races, you can easily switch to 100% lock setup by replacing your oem plates with Block discs to keep your unit safe and wear free. After the race, you can switch back to 'street setup' again.

Sets are plug and play. No modifications are required!

Mitsubishi Evo ACD Block discs are covered with RacingDiffs Unlimited Lifetime warranty.

*All parts fits OEM Mitsubishi unit without any modifications.

If you still wish to keep your Active Central Differential engaged and yet upgrade its performance, click here to see what else we have for Mitsubishi drivetrain.

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