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Upgrade your Mercedes AMG S chassis model, including A205/C205, GLE, E, GLC AMG S models, and AMG GT, with our Performance LSD Clutch Pack. This innovative repair kit is specifically designed for the limited slip differential unit found in these vehicles.

The electronically controlled clutch-type LSD unit features a clutch stack that can experience thickness loss over time, leading to performance issues and a differential malfunction error. Instead of resorting to expensive factory solutions that involve replacing the entire differential, our product offers a cost-effective alternative.

Our Performance LSD Clutch Pack is the only one of its kind on the market, as it is not available from the factory. It includes a new clutch stack and an essential component: the Belleville washer. This combination addresses the common problem of clutch stack thickness loss and provides a solution for enhanced performance.

By incorporating the Belleville washer into the clutch stack, we introduce a mechanical preload of 100Nm. This ensures a consistent and reliable lock, regardless of any imperfections or delays in the electric motor actuator. Our solution guarantees optimal performance, even after the clutch stack has lost thickness.

With our Performance LSD Clutch Pack, you can restore the full potential of your limited slip differential unit, unleashing the true power and agility of your Mercedes AMG vehicle. Say goodbye to performance limitations and differential malfunctions, and enjoy a flawlessly functioning system that delivers outstanding performance on the road or track.

Also available for Factory LSD unit from W205 & W206 C63 AMG.


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OEM part numbers:

2053504235, A2059060302, 2059060302, a2054401835