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Transform your driving experience with the RacingDiffs Progressive LSD Conversion Set, expertly engineered to fit Ford Sierra Non-LSD differentials and the sporty Ford Focus Mk1 ST, as well as an array of kit cars including Super 7 chassies, MK Indy, Westfield, Striker, and Locost.

Say goodbye to the struggle of one-wheel spins! Our Progressive LSD Conversion set effortlessly upgrades your standard differential into a clutch-type 25% lock limited slip differential, revolutionizing grip and handling dynamics.

What Makes RacingDiffs Different?

  • Plug & Play Convenience: Our NEW Easy-mount version seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, requiring no modifications for a hassle-free, intuitive installation experience.
  • Unmatched Material Quality: Comprising high-quality tool steel, heat-treated and nitrated components, our plates demonstrate exceptional wear resistance, standing superior to common alternatives.
  • Progressive Performance: Adopting the transformative ZF plated LSD units' Ramp Angles design, our set assures low pre-load while maintaining a gradual lock capability, maximizing torque transmission under high loads for a refined driving sensation.

With these improvements, we can say that RacingDiffs LSD conversion set is the most advanced LSD kit on the market.

RacingDiffs LSD conversion kit for Ford

Key Advantages:

  • Compatibility: Tailored to synchronize with Ford Sierra, Focus Mk1 ST, and various kit cars, ensuring versatile applicability and performance enhancement.
  • Performance-Focused: Equipped to dramatically mitigate one-wheel spins, empowering your vehicle with the robust functionality of a genuine limited slip differential.
  • Complete Kit: Packaged with all essential components required for a smooth and efficient installation process.

Experience driving innovation with the RacingDiffs LSD conversion set, and unleash the full performance potential of your Ford Sierra, Focus Mk1 ST, or kit car, guaranteeing an optimized, progressive driving experience that defies expectations.

Note: Product appearance may slightly vary due to continued improvement. Please refer to the product image for the most accurate representation.