BMW LSD Type 188mm (E30 / Z3, E36)


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A complete ready-to-mount BMW limited slip differential (LSD) Type 188mm (medium case) for BMW E30, E36 and Z3. A bespoke solution to suit your needs, whether if it's circuit racing, rally, hill climb, drift, drag, time attack or just street driving. The best part is, it is completely adjustable,from 25% lock up to 100% lock.

So if you decide to change a discipline in some point, you don't need to get a new differential. You can just reconfigure this one very easily. Even if the change is big, e.g. from drift where you need aggressive locking, to time attack where you need smooth predictable locking.

Each option includes:

    Yours is to choose housing type, gear ratio, housing colorand we will assemble the diff for you. Each diff is assembled with special care, so we offer personalization in form of the custom laser engraving on rear cover (please leave a note on checkout). Also please remember to leave a note for any custom demands such as ramp angle, number of active clutches etc. 

    Complete differential is not a of the shelf product. We assemble it for you after receiving the order. So lead time is about 2 weeks. 

    Fitment list:

    +320i M20
    +320is S14
    +323i M20
    +324td M21
    +325e M20
    +325i M20
    +325ix M20
    +M3 S14

    +323ti M52 (Compact)

    +Z3 2.0 M52
    +Z3 2.2i M54
    +Z3 2.5 M52
    +Z3 2.8 M52
    +Z3 M3.2 S50
    +Z3 M3.2 S52