Differential type


Forget about the one-wheel spin! With our Progressive LSD Conversion set, you will no longer suffer from losing grip!

The set is mounted on your standard differential, transforming it into a clutch-type 25% lock limited slip differential. 

This NEW Easy mount version doesn't require any modifications to be fitted. It is a Plug & Play set!

No more one-wheel spin on start, and sloppy turns around the corner. With this conversion set, you will gain the true performance of a proper limited slip differential.

Please check the differential size before ordering. This set is for 185 mm differential size.


300E 2.6 - 1984-1995
SLK230  -  1996-2004
300TE   -   1985-1996

C220, C280 -  1993-2000

All 2.6l,2.3l, 190 - 1982-1993

*Pictures may differ from actual item depending on differential type. 

*Important note: before installation of RacingDiffs LSD conversion set, please inspect inner surface of small spider gears. It is important that it isn’t damaged from previous usage. Needs to be smooth, otherwise it will cause premature wear of new central pin and possible break down. If it isn’t completely smooth, please take gears to machine shop to process the surface.

Type: LSD conversion sets