How RacingDiffs LSD Clutch Plates Stand the Test of Time and Torque

February 02, 2024 2 min read

Wear-resistant RacingDiffs clutch plates for LSD, demonstrated in a side-by-side of brand-new versus 5-year-old plates from a V8 turbo E30 drift car.

In the world of motorsports, where every component is pushed to its limits, the true test of quality is durability. RacingDiffs has consistently proven that their Limited Slip Differential (LSD) clutch plates aren't just designed to perform — they're built to last. Today, we're taking an in-depth look at a set of RacingDiffs LSD clutch plates that have seen five intense years of action under the hood of Dario Foler's V8 turbo E30, a vehicle renowned on the drifting circuit.


The demands of drifting require a delicate balance of control and chaos, a dance that puts extraordinary stress on every drivetrain component. The LSD clutch plates, in particular, face the brunt of this pressure, tasked with transferring immense power from the engine to the wheels smoothly and effectively. After half a decade of service, the clutch plates from Dario's E30 reveal a story not of decline, but of resilience.

Comparison between new and 5-year-old RacingDiffs LSD clutch plates, showing minimal wear after years of drifting in a V8 turbocharged E30.


At RacingDiffs, the fusion of expert craftsmanship and innovative design results in clutch plates that offer exceptional thermal stability and wear resistance. The materials chosen are not merely for performance but for endurance. This is evident in the comparison between the 5-year-old plates and their brand-new counterparts — the difference is there, but it's surprisingly minimal.


RacingDiffs limited-slip differential clutch plates, with a close-up on the durability after 5 years of use in high-performance E30 drift racing


RacingDiffs' commitment to quality is visible not just in lab tests but on the tracks. Dario Foler's V8 turbo E30 and its enduring clutch plates are a testament to this promise. For drivers seeking reliability without compromise, RacingDiffs remains the go-to specialist for LSD clutch plates that go the distance.

Ready to elevate your vehicle's performance with components built to last? Visit our web shop to explore our range of durable LSD clutch plates and more. Join the ranks of champions who trust RacingDiffs to keep them ahead of the curve.

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