Mastering the Rally Tracks with RacingDiffs

January 25, 2024 3 min read

Mastering the Rally Tracks with RacingDiffs


 A Journey through Santa Domenica, Quadruvium, and Delta Winter Rally



Introduction: Dive into the world of rally racing with RacingDiffs, where passion meets precision. This season, our team took on the Santa Domenica Rally, Quadruvium Rally in Karojba, and Delta Winter Rally in Cazma. We navigated through these challenges with our custom BMW 130i, helmed by Luka Popovic with Mladen Stekic as the co-driver. Our story isn't just about places on the podium; it's about innovation, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of performance.

Santa Domenica Rally: Overcoming Adversity Our season began with a dramatic start at the Santa Domenica rally. We faced an unexpected challenge right on the first stage: our brake booster barrel malfunctioned, causing the brakes to lock. Despite this setback, which cost us nearly a minute over a 7.3 km special stage, our team displayed remarkable resilience. We removed the brake booster, a decision that turned out to be a game-changer. Driving without it improved our braking on gravel, offering a harder pedal and reducing the chances of wheel lockup, thereby giving the driver more confidence. This experience was so transformative that we continued without the brake booster in the subsequent rallies.

Issues with AVO Suspension: A Shift to Bilstein B6 Dampers The rough terrain of the Santa Domenica rally was a rigorous test for our equipment, revealing the limitations of our AVO suspension dampers. The demanding conditions led to their complete breakdown, a disappointment given our expectations of their performance. This prompted us to switch to Bilstein B6 dampers for the upcoming events, a decision that proved to be excellent. The change significantly enhanced our BMW's handling and grip, reflecting in our improved performance in the following rallies.

Quadruvium Rally in Karojba: Reaching New Heights At the Quadruvium Rally, we celebrated our first victory of the season. This win was a testament not just to our team's skill and synergy but also to the adaptability and resilience we had developed. The BMW 130i, now fine-tuned with our new dampers and brake setup, handled the demanding tracks with remarkable agility and precision.

RacingDiffs BMW 130i Quadruvium Rally onboard with Luka popovic


Delta Winter Rally in Cazma: A Strong Finish Concluding our season at the Delta Winter Rally, we secured second place. The winter conditions posed unique challenges, but our BMW 130i, now perfectly adapted to our evolved setup, showcased its versatility and robust performance.

Delta winter rally Cazma onboard with RacingDiffs BMW 130i driven by Luka popovic

Technical Insights: Limited Slip Differential Experimentation Throughout the season, our focus was on testing different setups of limited slip differentials, exploring three preload settings: High, Middle, and Low. Our findings led us to conclude that a middle-range preload is most effective for gravel rally conditions, balancing traction and stability optimally.

Join Us on Our Rally Journey: Experience It Through Our Videos To bring our rally experiences closer to you, we've compiled a series of videos, both third-person and onboard footage, capturing the essence of our journey. Watch as we navigate through the treacherous turns and tackle the challenging terrains, feeling the adrenaline and the spirit of rally racing.

Quadruvium rally 2024 BMW 130i driven by Luka Popovic powered by racingDiffs

Conclusion: Our journey through the rally season with the BMW 130i and RacingDiffs' LSDs has been a testament to our commitment to performance and innovation. These experiences directly influence the quality and design of our products, ensuring that we deliver only the best to our customers. Whether you're a rally enthusiast, a BMW aficionado, or someone passionate about drifting and motorsports, RacingDiffs is your partner in achieving unparalleled performance.

Stay Tuned and Gear Up with RacingDiffs For more updates and insights into the world of motorsports, keep an eye on our blog. If you're looking to enhance your vehicle with high-quality limited slip differentials, RacingDiffs is your go-to source.

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