NEW "phase 2" upgrade for E46 M3 is available at RacingDiffs!

September 09, 2021

E46 m3 lsd diff

Besides fixing a free play problem with E46 M3 LSD diff, you now have a chance to convert it from Viscous-clutch to pure Mechanical clutch type LSD!šŸ”„
So this kit will save you a money! Instead of spending 1500+ EUR on aftermarket LSD units, you can get the same performance upgrade for only 250 EUR and invest in other bits to upgrade your car beyond the limits.
We are the only to offer such kit in the World šŸŒŽ! The kit came out as a product of spending time with track enthusiasts and drifters following their needs for more performance.
Email us for more info, or visit our shop section.
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