Must read before making decision!☝🏼 Welded VS LSD - all pros and cones!

September 15, 2021

welded diff VS Limited slip

First of all to clear the fact - only advantage of welded diff is low price. But lack of performance excludes it from any serious racing, even drifting.
100% lock on the coast makes it undriveable for any kind of grip driving. On the throttle, car will heavily understeer or goes sideways. And in the drift, car is much less forgiving than with the LSD.
On the other hand, LSD can be adjusted to your needs, especially if it has multiple ramp angles. It provides optimal performance in any way of driving. Disadvantage is the price, but if you have factory clutch type LSD, than there are upgrade sets for maximal performance gain which cost much less than whole aftermarket unit.
This is exactly our mission - to create upgrade packs for all factory units which will match performance of race-spec LSD and still be for everyone's pocket.
Are we successful in that? Check our shop and see for yourself!
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