Open diff VS LSD - What can you expect

June 20, 2022

Open diff vs lsd differential / pros and cons

How much you should pay for LSD (Limited Slip Diff) to have fun in your car?
We're starting new miniseries 'Open diff VS. LSD' on RacingDiffs official YouTube channel to show what you can do with $300 LSD conversion set. Yes, you heard right, $300 LSD.
We covered 4-5 characteristic situations to illustrate the difference between open and Limited slip differential. Tests and footage are made on our BMW E36 with M50 stroker engine producing 240Bhp and 320Nm of torque.
Open diff VS LSD conversion kit
If you have any special requests in which situation you would like to see the difference, please write to
LSD conversion is available for all BMW non M models and many other makes.
Progressive LSD conversion set is installed in the space between spider gears, where the friction of materials achieves a restriction in the performance of each of the drive wheels. Read more about RacingDiffs LSD conversion set on this link.
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