BMW Front differential bearing kit


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Because of limited space, BMW uses very small front differentials, no matter of the engine power. They are all the same. Bearing size is insufficient to handle the torque, so they break down frequently. This manifests as a whining noise from the differential, especially when you are accelerating or engine breaking.

From our experience, in 95% cases, only 2 front (pinion) bearings need to be replaced, while side bearings are in good condition. That is why we formed this Pinion bearing reparation set to save you some money.

Set includes:

-1x Crush sleeve shim
-1x Small pinion bearing
-1x Large pinion bearing
-1x Input flange oil seal
-1x Output flange oil seal


Models before 2007 production year have Iron case, while Aluminum case is found in models after 2007.


RacingDiffs Components are OEM quality.