BMW Front differential bearing kit


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Resolve Differential Noise with the BMW Pinion Bearing Repair Set

Experience the ultimate solution to the common differential issues faced by BMW models, characterized by their compact differential design. Our meticulously crafted Pinion Bearing Repair Set is engineered to address the frequent breakdowns due to insufficient bearing size, saving you from costly full differential replacements.

Why Choose Our Pinion Bearing Set?

  • Targeted Repair Solution: Designed based on extensive experience, our set focuses on replacing the most commonly failed components—the front (pinion) bearings—which are often the culprits behind the unwelcome whining noise during acceleration or engine braking.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike complete differential overhauls, our kit offers a precise, budget-friendly alternative by including only the essential parts needed for the majority of repairs.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Crush Sleeve Shim
  • 1x Small Pinion Bearing
  • 1x Large Pinion Bearing
  • 1x Input Flange Oil Seal
  • 1x Output Flange Oil Seal

Broad Compatibility:

  • Models Pre-2007: Fits vehicles with the traditional Iron case differential.
  • Models Post-2007: Compatible with the newer Aluminum case differential configurations.

Quality Assurance: RacingDiffs components meet OEM quality standards, ensuring reliability and performance. Trust our repair set to extend the life of your BMW’s differential and enhance your driving experience.

Installation Note: We recommend professional installation to ensure that the bearings are fitted correctly for optimal performance and longevity.

Restore smoothness and quiet to your BMW’s ride with our Pinion Bearing Repair Set. Designed for durability, this kit is essential for any BMW owner looking to fix differential noises efficiently and effectively.