BMW Differential crown ring spacer for low to high gear ratio swap


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BMW LSD Carrier Swap Spacer for High Gear Ratios

Unlock the full potential of your BMW’s differential with the RacingDiffs LSD Carrier Swap Spacer. Specifically designed to facilitate the seamless transition from low to high gear ratios (3.15 to 4.45) when swapping in a high gear ratio LSD carrier, commonly found in BMW E30, E36, E34 tds models.

This indispensable spacer addresses the innate challenge posed by the difference in crown ring positions between low gear ratio carrier units (2.64 to 3.07) and high gear ratio units. It ensures that enthusiasts can conveniently utilize desirable LSD carrier units sourced from TDS models, bypassing the limitations of lower gear ratios such as 2.64, 2.93, and 3.07, without the need for any machining.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: CNC-machined from high-quality tool steel, promising exceptional durability and hardness, ensuring a precise fit and lasting performance.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Package includes a meticulously crafted spacer along with 10 high-grade crown ring bolts for a complete, hassle-free installation.
  • Simplified Customization: The spacer eradicates the need for machining, simplifying the process of transitioning between different gear ratios, making it the ideal solution for gear ratio customizations.

Included in the package:

  • 1 x Precision-Crafted Spacer
  • 10 x High-Grade Crown Ring Bolts

Experience effortless gear ratio transitions and optimize your BMW’s differential performance with RacingDiffs’ meticulously engineered LSD Carrier Swap Spacer, a must-have for any differential customization project.

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