BMW Differential crown ring spacer for low to high gear ratio swap


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This distance plate is required if you want to swap a low gear ratio LSD carrier, frequently found in BMW E30, E36, E34 tds models, for a high gear ratio.

There is a difference in crown ring position between low gear ratio carrier units (2.64 to 3.07) and high gear ratio units (3.15 to 4.45). This spacer allows a smooth transition from low to high gear ratios without any machining.

It is much easier to source used Limited Slip Differentials from TDS models. However, the resulting very low gear ratio - 2.64 ; 2.93 and 3.07 is a problem. But, now the RacingDiffs spacer enables you to combine gear ratios from 3.15 to 4.45 with the existing/used LSD carrier unit which comes from 2.65; 2.93 and 3.07 ratio differentials.

This package includes:
- 1 x spacer
- 10 x high grade crown ring bolts.

The spacer is made with the CNC precision from the high quality tool steel, 
thermally processed for high durability and hardness.

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