Alfa Romeo - LSD conversion set


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RacingDiffs LSD conversion set fits following Alfa Romeo models:  

C630 Gearbox:

  • 145, 146, 147, 156, GT 1.9 JTD
  • 156, 166 V6
  • GTV, Spider V6

Getrag M32 gearbox:

  • 147
  • 159
  • Brera
  • Mito 1.4 Turbo
  • Mito 1.6 CDTI
RacingDiffs Progressive LSD Conversion Set: The Ultimate Grip Solution

Say goodbye to one-wheel spins and embrace superior grip with the RacingDiffs Progressive LSD Conversion set. Effortlessly mount this set on your standard differential to convert it into a clutch-type 25% lock limited slip differential.


Why Choose RacingDiffs Over Other Alternatives?

While you might come across cheaper alternatives on platforms like eBay, RacingDiffs stands out for several reasons:

1. Uncompromised Material Quality: Unlike other kits that compromise on quality, our plates are crafted from top-grade tool steel. They undergo rigorous heat treatment and nitration processes to ensure unparalleled wear resistance. Plus, our inclusion of friction discs, made of the same high-quality material as our LSD clutch plates, successfully eliminates the issue of metal shavings - a common problem seen in budget LSD kits like Phantom Grip.

2. Maximized Performance: Our Progressive LSD conversion set is all about enhancing performance. Borrowing design principles from the acclaimed ZF plated LSD units with Ramp Angles, we prioritize progressiveness. The unique Ramp angle design guarantees a low pre-load while maintaining a progressive lock capability. This means you get the comfort of an open diff during slow turns or street driving but enjoy the torque transmission to both wheels under higher revs. Curious about the mechanics? Check out this videofor an in-depth look.

The RacingDiffs Difference

With our commitment to quality and performance, the RacingDiffs LSD conversion set stands tall as the most advanced and reliable LSD kit in the market. Trust RacingDiffs for grip, durability, and top-tier performance.

Alfa romeo 147 159 LSD conversion kit

The set contains all parts necessary for installation.