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Collections: Progressive LSD conversion sets

Type: BMW


This is NEW Easy mount version which doesn't require machining of spider gear to be fitted.

The set contains all parts necessary for installation.

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To determine which set is proper for your model, please watch this video.

If you are not sure, you can send us the last 7 digits of your VIN so we can do it for you.


1. Z4, X3 has 188L differential type, although catalog shows 188K

2. All models after production year 2008 have 188LW, although catalog shows 188L.


*Important note 1: before installation of RacingDiffs LSD conversion set, please inspect inner surface of small spider gears. It is important that it isn’t damaged from previous usage. Needs to be smooth, otherwise it will cause premature wear of new central pin and possible break down. If it isn’t completely smooth, please take gears to machine shop to process the surface.

*Important note 2: that all BMW models after year 2008 have welded ring gear to carrier unit. Installation of any kind of aftermarket LSD unit requires ring gear to be machined off which includes RacingDiffs Progressive LSD conversion set. 


*Due to continued product improvement, the product illustrated on the photo may vary slightly from the actual product.