Alfa Romeo Giulia - LSD rebuild pack


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RacingDiffs LSD Clutch Pack: The Ultimate Performance Upgrade for Alfa Romeo Giulia Rear Differential

Tired of the familiar tapping/clunking noises during gear changes in your Alfa Romeo Giulia? While many deem this issue as 'standard' for Alfa Romeo models, we at RacingDiffs offer a genuine solution.

Why Choose RacingDiffs Over the Factory Set-Up?

  • Genuine Pre-load: The factory LSD has zero pre-load, causing abrupt lock transitions. Especially during long corners, this can result in unpredictable vehicle behavior and heightened chances of unexpected oversteer. Constant spinning wears out the clutch. RacingDiffs introduces Moly-Ceramics clutch plates with 2 pre-load shims, ensuring smoother transitions and improved predictability.

  • Durable Material: The original 'carbon fiber' friction material on factory clutch discs is notorious for overheating and quick wear (refer to photos 2 and 3). RacingDiffs' set stands out in durability and resistance.

  • Easy Installation: With the introduction of two pre-load shims in place of two dog ear plates, our set ensures a hassle-free, Plug & Play installation. No modifications required!

Benefits of RacingDiffs LSD Clutch Pack:

  • Achieve unparalleled grip.
  • Experience a seamless lock transition.
  • Benefit from enhanced plate longevity.
  • Reduce gearbox heat.
  • Say goodbye to tapping noises during gear shifts.

Elevate your driving experience and ensure your Alfa Romeo Giulia's differential performs at its best with RacingDiffs.

 *For the installation tutorial, please check the following video.

Alfa stelvio and maserati levnate diff problem fix