Alfa Romeo 75 / GTA / Spider - LSD discs


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Alfa Romeo ZF LSD clutch set
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Alfa Romeo 105/115 transmission Limited slip differential fits to following models:

75 (1985-1992)

2000cc (1979- 1982)

GTA (1968- 1975)

SPYDER (1966- 1993)

Choose one of the two Alfa Romeo ZF LSD clutch packs that suits your needs best:

- Stage 1 (Street pack):

  - 4x clutch/friction disc 

  - 4x hardcore dog ear steel plate

  - 2x Preload shim

- Stage 2 (Track pack):

  - 4x clutch/friction discs

  - 4x hardcore dog ear steel plate 

  - 2x Preload shim

  - 1x Multi variation ramp set

*For the installation instructions, please see this Video.

Alfa 75 autobloccante  sperre upgrade

Clutches are perforated for better cooling and great viscosity to resist the oil build-up in the holes between dog ear plates.

The large improvement over the factory set are Preload shims. They provide 100-110 Nm of initial torque. This increases life span of clutch plates over 100%. Also it takes care of any free play inside the differential.  A must have for any kind of racing discipline such as Drift, Drag, Hill climb, History rally and such.

OEM par numbers: