BMW LSD Spider gear shim / Thrust washer set


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Are you facing issues with spider gear small shim breakages in your BMW's Limited Slip Differential? RacingDiffs has the ultimate solution! Our replacement shims (thrust washers) for spider gears are specifically designed to fit all BMW LSDs: 168mm small, 188mm medium and 210mm large case.

Why choose RacingDiffs spider gear Shims?

  1. High-Quality Material: Manufactured from top-grade tool steel, ensuring maximum durability and wear-resistance.
  2. Advanced Hardening Process: Our shims undergo an extra hardening step for added resilience.
  3. Nitration Treatment: The nitration process further enhances the shims' wear-resistance.
  4. Specially Designed: Fits all BMW Limited Slip Differentials seamlessly.

Price is per set, as shown in pictures. Trust RacingDiffs for the ultimate in differential maintenance and performance enhancement!