BMW Differential bearing set Type L (E87, E90, E60, E70, Etc.)


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Type: BMW

After year 2006 BMW switched from roller bearings to ball bearings inside differentials.  Since that moment, differentials are called Type L, as for low friction. Ball bearings have lower friction coefficient compared to roller bearings, but they are way less durable, so whining noise is more than often. This kit provides everything you need to fix noisy differential problem.

L type differentials was found in following BMW models:

- 1 series: E81, E82, E87
- 3 series: E90, E91, E92, E93
- 5 series: E60, E61
- 6 series: E63, E64
- X5 series: E70

How to tell if your differential needs bearings replacement?

Characteristic noise from differential/transmission occurs during acceleration and coast (engine breaking). To distinguish differential bearing noise from the wheel bearing noise steer left-right like you are warming up tires for the race.
If the noise changes its intensity than it is a wheel bearing. If intensity of the noise remains the same, that means differential bearings needs to be replaced.

RacingDiffs Components are OEM quality.

Repair kit includes:

-1x Crush sleeve shim
-1x Small pinion bearing
-1x Large pinion bearing
-1x Input flange oil seal
-2x Output flange oil seal


How to know which set to order?
We suggest you to check this Video instruction on how to determine which differential type and size your BMW has using your VIN and database.

Check out our installation tutorials for help and guidance at any time in our video gallery.