BMW E46 M3 Limited Slip Differential – Fully Rebuilt, Enhanced Performance & Free Play Fix


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Fully Rebuilt BMW E46 M3 Limited Slip Differential for Sale – Performance Enhanced and Noise-Free
Upgrade your driving experience with our expertly rebuilt BMW E46 M3 limited slip differential, now available for sale. This top-quality diff has been meticulously reconstructed to eliminate common issues like diff whine and clunk, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation that enhances your vehicle's performance.

Key Features:

  • Premium Rebuild Components: Includes all-new bearings, seals, and bushes. Our comprehensive E46 M3 diff rebuild kit ensures all components meet rigorous standards.
  • Enhanced Lock Functionality: Equipped with our Performance clutch pack, which upgrades the lock and significantly improves handling.
  • M Clunk Problem Solved: Features our exclusive Free Play Delete Shim, effectively addressing and fixing the notorious M clunk issue.
  • Perfect Backlash Setting: Backlash meticulously adjusted for flawless meshing, reducing wear and tear.
  • Modified Rear Cover: Rear cover has been redesigned for improved clearance, making it ideal for lowered vehicles
  • Ready to Install: Comes pre-assembled—just fill it with E46 M3 diff oil and mount it on your car.

Whether you’re looking to resolve E46 M3 diff issues like grinding or simply aiming for an upgrade, this differential is the ideal solution. No more diff play or unnecessary noise; just smooth, reliable performance. Suitable for anyone needing an E46 M3 diff seal replacement, bushings update, or complete overhaul.

Don’t settle for less. Improve your BMW’s driveline with our fully rebuilt, performance-ready BMW E46 M3 differential. Your ultimate solution for a quieter, stronger, and more reliable drive.

OEM part numbers:

33102282481, 33102282480, 33112282482