BMW E30 188mm Billet diff cover


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Enhance the performance and durability of your BMW E30 with the RacingDiffs Billet Diff Cover, expertly designed to optimize differential cooling and provide robust protection. This premium cover comes fully equipped with high-quality components, ensuring you get top-tier performance without the need for additional purchases.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Oil Flow Design: Developed after extensive engineering research, our diff cover features a unique inner profile that speeds up oil flow, reducing oil temperature by an average of 15%. Each design undergoes rigorous testing both virtually and in real-world conditions.

  • Advanced Cooling System Compatibility: Equipped with three strategically placed oil ports (M16x1.5), this cover supports external oil cooling systems directly. It’s ideal for endurance racing or extended track sessions, ensuring optimal temperature control without any need for welding or modifications.

  • Premium Materials and Components:

    • Base Plate: Crafted from forged T6-7075 aluminum, known for its exceptional mechanical strength and durability.
    • Powerflex Bushings: Included as a standard feature, providing superior vibration dampening and stability.
    • Complete Installation Kit: Includes side mounts with secondary mount brackets, a sealant rubber gasket, and all necessary bolts and fasteners.
  • Customization Options: Customize your diff cover with a personal print. Simply specify your preferences at checkout.

Installation and Usage: Installation is straightforward, thanks to the comprehensive kit provided. Check out our full video demonstration to see the testing process and understand the significant benefits of upgrading to a RacingDiffs cover.

BMW E30 Billet diff cover finned

Upgrade to the RacingDiffs Billet Diff Cover and experience a significant improvement in differential performance and reliability. Perfect for BMW E30 enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle for performance driving.