Mini Cooper S - LSD conversion set


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RacingDiffs Progressive LSD Conversion Set for Mini Cooper S (R50/52/53, R56/57)
Enhance Your Mini’s Performance with a Progressive LSD

Bid farewell to one-wheel spins and embrace full grip with the RacingDiffs Progressive LSD Conversion set for the Mini Cooper S. Specifically designed for Getrag transmissions in models from 2000 to 2013, this clutch-type LSD kit promises a transformative 25% lock for a more responsive and controlled drive.

Plug & Play Simplicity

Our kit’s Plug & Play design ensures an easy installation with no modifications required. Step into the world of enhanced Mini Cooper performance effortlessly.

Mini cooper S LSD conversion set



Why to choose RacingDiffs LSD conversion set
and not cheap alternatives from eBay?


1. Unparalleled Material Quality We refuse to compromise on quality. Our conversion kit is crafted from the highest grade tool steel, heat-treated and nitrited for unmatched wear resistance. Inclusion of friction discs crafted from the same premium material as our LSD clutch plates eliminates the metal shavings issue common with inferior LSD kits.

2. Maximized Performance through Innovation The genius of our Progressive LSD set lies in its ramp angle design borrowed from ZF plated LSD units. Expect low pre-load during casual turns yet full torque transmission under load for a dynamic, progressive lock that adapts to your driving style.

The RacingDiffs Advantage

Our kit outperforms and outlasts the alternatives, making it the most superior LSD conversion solution available.

  • Designed for Mini Cooper S with Getrag transmissions: R50/52/53 (2000 - 2006) & R56/57 (2006 - 2013)
  • Easy installation: Plug & Play without any car modifications
  • Quality materials: High-grade tool steel with heat treatment and nitriding
  • Improved performance: Progressive locking mechanism for enhanced grip
  • Durable: High wear resistance to prevent common issues like metal shavings

Invest in your Mini’s potential with the RacingDiffs LSD Conversion Set.

Note: Product improvements are ongoing, and the product image may slightly differ from the actual item.