Opel ZF LSD friction plates


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All parts fits ZF LSD units used in various Opel models such as Manta, Ascona, Calibra 4x4 (rear diff), Omega, Senator...

Clutches are perforated for better cooling and great viscosity to resist the oil build-up in the holes between dog ear plates.

It is well known that drilled brake discs improve cooling over solid discs! It is the same with the LSD clutch discs.


  1. Higher friction coefficient
  2. More grip
  3. Increased diff lock
  4. Better durability
  5. Less wear
  6. Enhanced heat resistance

All of our Clutch Plates are thoroughly tested and are currently being used in various racing cars throughout Europe, including track, hill climb, rally and, of course, drifting disciplines.

A MUST HAVE for all regular track afficionados!

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