Porsche 928 (4.5L V8) - LSD clutch disc set


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RacingDiffs Performance LSD clutch plates fits following Porsche models:

- 928 4.5L V8 OEM LSD (27 teeth clutch disc, 2.5mm thickness)


This kit contains:

- 4x vented clutch/friction discs,

- 4x dog ear steel plates

The kit is a direct replacement for the factory parts. Requires NO modifications.

Clutches are perforated for better cooling and great viscosity to resist the oil build-up in the holes between dog ear plates.

It is well known that drilled brake discs improve cooling over solid discs! It is the same with the LSD clutch discs.

*RacingDiffs Recommends Motul Gear Competition 75w140 oil for all products.