Porsche 991 GT3/GT2 RS - Revolutionary LSD Clutch Pack


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RacingDiffs LSD Clutch Pack: Revitalize Your Porsche 991 & 991.2 GT3/GT2 RS’s Performance



Revitalize Your Vehicle's Performance: RacingDiffs introduces the ultimate solution to restore the original performance of your Porsche 991 and 991.2 GT3/GT2 RS. Our LSD clutch pack is meticulously designed to rejuvenate your car when factory plates are worn out, eliminating the need for a complete transmission replacement.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses: Porsche’s factory setup doesn’t offer replacement plates, compelling owners to replace the whole transmission—an immensely costly and unnecessary endeavor. With RacingDiffs, replace only what’s needed, ensuring other flawlessly working gearbox components remain undisturbed, saving you tremendous costs.

Superior Molybdenum-Ceramic Friction Layer: Unlike the factory plates that come with paper-like friction material, RacingDiffs clutch plates are fortified with a superior molybdenum-ceramic friction layer. This enhancement ensures a robust and enduring performance, substantially outperforming the conventional materials used in standard plates.

Race-Proven, Heavy-Duty Technology: Embrace the confidence of race-proven technology. Our LSD clutch pack is built for heavy-duty performance, providing a resilient and reliable option for those who require the very best in racing technology. Equip your Porsche with components engineered for durability and exceptional performance under rigorous driving conditions.


Ultimate Upgrade: Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS LSD Transformation | Fastest Lap on Rainy Grobnik Circuit!


Kit Includes:

  • 6x High-Performance Clutch/Friction Disc
  • 7x Heavy-Duty Dog Ear Steel Plate
  • 8x Longer actuator pin

Innovative and Efficient: The clutch discs are strategically perforated for optimal cooling and viscosity, preventing unwanted oil build-up, and ensuring consistent and efficient operation under various driving conditions. Trust in a clutch pack that exemplifies innovative engineering and ultimate performance.