Don't let this ever happen to your LSD Diff! Follow these 3 simple rules.

September 30, 2021 1 min read

Don't let this ever happen to your LSD Diff! Follow these 3 simple rules.

As you know, all clutch-type LImited slip differentials require some maintaining, but what that really means? Longevity of your LSD depends on driving style, but here are 3 steps to follow to ensure something like this never happens.

1. Change oil on time - if you are using the car as a daily, than change oil every 2 years. For track usage, once a year. For pro level drifting every 2 races. Use LSD oil ONLY. We recommend Motul Gear Competition.

2. Do a breakaway torque test once in a while. If the result is below 80% of nominal value, than open the diff and do a visual inspection. To learn how to do such test, visit our YouTube channel. Link is in the description.

3. Replace worn parts on time - clutch discs require a replacement once in a while. But it is important to do that before they are completely dead. Otherwise your diff will end up like the one in pictures.

Now you know how to maintain your diff properly so you always have maximal performance.

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