How to swap oem LSD from E30/E36 into E46 Non M Differential

September 28, 2022 1 min read

E46 non M LSD installation tutorial

As you all know BMW closed option for Limited slip differential in all non M models after year 2000. So if you have E46 for example, you don't have option for factory LSD unit if it is not an M3. This is very limitation factor of this car as there are quite powerful models such as 330i and 330d which would be much more fun to drive if they had Limited slip differential.

Aftermarket solutions are quite expensive, especially if you count in installation costs, new bearings, etc. Therefore we are well known among E46 owners for our affordable solution - Progressive LSD conversion set.

The Progressive LSD conversion kit is excellent option for street drivers who wish a bit more from their car, especially in snow. But what about those who wish more performance, but don't want to pay around $2000 for aftermarket LSD unit such as Kaaz, OS giken, Drexler...

Therefore we decided to provide the world's first step-by-step tutorial on how to swap oem LSD from E30, E36, E34... into the E46 non M differential. We took mint condition E46 330i to shoot the video for you guys. Video is synthesis of our 10-year experience in differential building, so we hope you will like it and find a good use of it.

BMW E46 LSD swap
Parts used in the video are available on this link
The video doesn't show how to upgrade LSD unit to more lock. For that, please check our Video gallery fot tutorials and Shop section for pats selection.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send email.

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