BMW 188mm Medium case LSD - Clutch plate set (E30, E36, E34) 6 Cyl.


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BMW 188mm LSD Upgrade by RacingDiffs: Elevate Your Driving Experience


Do you own a BMW model like E30, E36, E28, E34, E24, E32, Z1, or Z3? Restore and enhance your limited slip differential's performance with RacingDiffs upgrade kits designed specifically for the 188mm LSD.

BMW Medium case LSD (188mm) was found in the most 6 cylinder models up to year 1999, such as:

  • 3 series: E30, E36
  • 5 series: E28, E34
  • 7 series: E24. E32
  • Z series: Z1, Z3

Important notes:

If you are purchasing the packs which include the Billet steel cap, please remember to leave a note about the gear ratio of your differential. There are 2 types of caps depending on the gear ratio (2.64-3.07 & 3.15-4.45), so you need to let us know which one to send you.

Each set is Plug & Play, NO modification is required

BMW 188mm LSD Upgrade by RacingDiffs

By replacing the existing clutches with the new ones, you will refresh your differential and restore its original performance. For improved performance and higher intensity in dailystreet and track usage, we recommend Stage 1 and 2 packs. To gain maximum performance, check Stage 3 and 4 packs. Not only that, but we’ll give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on those sets!

Choose Your Performance Level


Service pack: Great for daily driving, this includes a 2-clutch set that will refresh your differential to factory settings.

  • 2 clutch set

Street pack (Stg 1): Ideal for spirited street driving, this set includes a 3-clutch set, preload shim set, and ramp saver shim for smoother locking action.

Track pack (Stg 2): Taking it to the track? Get the 4-clutch set, billet steel cap, preload shim set, and ramp saver shim for maximized grip and traction.

Race pack (Stg 3): Designed for competitive racing, includes a 6-clutch set, billet steel cap, preload and oil shims, and ramp saver shim for unparalleled performance.

Max performance pack (Stg 4): For those who demand nothing but the best, this ultimate set includes a 6-clutch set, billet steel cap, preload shim set, oil shim set, and a multi-variation ramp set for highly customizable performance.

Installation and Support

Each of our packs is Plug & Play with NO modifications required. Make your installation a breeze by visiting our YouTube channel for step-by-step tutorials.

To re-build your differential completely, you will need a Bearing & Oil seal set as well.

Make sure you visit our YouTube channelfor installation tutorials.

OEM part numbers:

33 14 12 10 626

33 14 12 03 797

33 14 12 03 795

33 14 12 03 794

33 14 12 06 909

33 14 12 04 367

33 14 12 06 919